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About Us

Formerly Karinya Melton Counselling Centre, our staff have been assisting people in Melton and surrounding areas since February 2008. Dadirri Melton Counselling services Inc. will continue to offer the same low cost professional Counselling.

Dadirri Melton Counselling Services Inc. is a not for profit professional counselling centre located in Melton Victoria. Our clients come from Melton, Melbourne, Ballarat, Sunbury, Werribee and every place in between

Cool Heads

Many children struggle while at school for many different reasons. However we know that all children learn best under the same type of environmental factors - Security (at home), Significance (feelings of being valued), and Sensitivity (being shown they are cared for). When this does not happen it is difficult for children to stay focused, or connect with facts, or friends. They will have difficulty regulating their own emotions. This in turn diminishes their resilience.
Cool Heads aims to educate children, teachers and parents about this, helping them to become aware of what is happening on the inside, and how these inside dynamics may be handled differently on the outside.

Counselling Services

People attend counselling for many different reasons, including personal issues such as grief and loss or relationship issues within families.

Counselling topics include:

Other Services:

Dadirri Youth Support offers programs to schools including: Cool Heads and Keeping Your Cool and Facilitator Training Courses for Cool Heads.

These can be arranged by calling the office to register your interest.

Prices are available by request

Crisis/Critical Incident Response: we offer individual or group support to management and staff following an incident or accident.